Welcome to Gill Energy

photoGill Energy is an entrepreneurial petroleum company that thrives on its unparalleled customer service at the retail and wholesale levels. 

Since its beginning as a Mobil branded franchise in 1991, Gill Energy has grown dramatically and seeks to continue adding new sites.   Gill Energy has been able to grow because of our firm’s commitment to its operating mantra: we seek to provide our customers with the best buying experience in the industry at competitive prices while actively trying to preserve and protect our environment.   This mantra has been the firm’s guiding principle since 1991 and will continue to be its guiding principle well into the future.

In 2004, Gill Energy expanded into the petroleum distribution business by signing into a long term partnership with oil giants BP and Sunoco to distribute their petroleum products.   Because of this partnership, Gill Energy was able to become the largest net sales distributor in the state of New Jersey. 

Currently, Gill Energy also has business interests in dealer business and supply agreements, convenience stores, car washes, and the distillate business.