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Bikram Gill Chief Executive Officer


Bikram S. Gill is the chief executive officer of Gill Energy, a position he has served in since the company’s inception.  During his tenure, Gill Energy has developed into the premier petroleum distribution company in New Jersey, an accomplishment Bikram hopes to build upon in the years ahead.


Bikram was a member of the Mobil Advisory Council, where he worked with senior Mobil management to improve dealer profitability, cultivate best practice customer service at the micro and macro brand levels and develop strategies for brand growth.


Bikram was a founding member of Mobil’s Strategy Team and assisted senior Mobil management create a better buying experience for its retail customers and played an integral role in the introduction and implementation of the “Friendly Serve” concept which helped Mobil become the number one retail brand in New Jersey. 


Bikram served as a board member for NJGCA (New Jersey Gasoline C-Store Automotive Association). He has earned a Master of Science degree (with honors) in mechanical engineering from Punjab University and completed the Executive Training Program at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Bikram is the recipient of numerous retail and consumer service awards.

Kashmir Gill, President


Kashmir S. Gill is the president of Gill Energy.  He has spent over 22 years overseeing the company’s overall operations and has established Gill Energy into one of the most recognizable petroleum brands in New Jersey.


Kashmir’s primary responsibility is to oversee development and implementation of strategic initiatives, including mergers and acquisitions.  Under his guidance, Gill Energy has made, and continues to make, enormous gains in growing both its retail and wholesale operations.


Kashmir is the principal liaison with Gill Energy’s business partners and various New Jersey retailer associations and has cultivated numerous strategic relationships that have benefitted the firm’s growth and allowed it to meet and exceed its customer’s expectations.  


Kashmir was elected President of the New Jersey Gasoline, C-Store and Automotive Association in 2015 after serving in various executive positions with the organization for over 10 years.


Kashmir earned a Bachelor of Science in computer sciences from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Tarlochan Grewal, President


Tarlochan S. Grewal has served as Gill Energy’s President for the last 22 years, helping the company grow into one of New Jersey’s preeminent energy brands.


Tarlochan oversees the operations of company sites, gas contracts, all banking and financial transactions and supervises the territory managers who are responsible for the day to day business activities of Gill Energy’s retail locations.


Tarlochan is the chief logistician for Gill Energy’s group of companies and his strategic understanding of the retail and wholesale businesses has contributed immensely to the success that Gill Energy has so far achieved.  Tarlochan’s leadership and knowledge will continue to serve as Gill Energy’s growth engine well into the future.


Tarlochan earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Studies from Punjab University in Punjab, India.


Seif Abdraboh, Vice President of Retail Operations

Seif joined Gill Energy in 2014 after a stint with Midway Oil Corporation to lead the company’s retail operations. In this role, Seif will be the executive responsible for the profitability and management of the firm’s retail locations. Seif started his professional career in high school as an outside salesman, which allowed him to gain solid negotiating and resiliency skills. While completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Economics, Seif climbed the corporate ladder to eventually become a Sales Team Supervisor with his firm.


Upon completing his degree in 1998, Seif immigrated to the United States and began working as an Accounts Payable clerk for an ExxonMobil dealer on Long Island, NY. Because of his prior experience as a salesman, Seif was unable to spend his days confined to the office. He eventually started exploring the convenience store industry from an operations standpoint and was able to attain a

Merchandising Manager position with Islandia Development Organization, a retailer of gasoline and convenience products on Long Island, NY. After spending 3 successful years with the firm, Seif was given the opportunity to join the Bolla group of companies where his primary responsibility was growing the retail business. During his time there, Seif played an integral role in the development and execution of the award-winning Bolla Market concept and solidified his 15 plus years of retail gasoline-convenience store expertise and reputation. Seif has served on the hot dispensed beverage committee for Convenience Store Product magazine.

Seif received his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Economics from Ains Sham University in Cairo, Egypt.

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